Health & Safety

The Lethbridge Handmade Market is participating in the Alberta Restriction Exemption Program because we're categorized as an event.

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We are taking extra steps to ensure that the Lethbridge Handmade Market is safe for everyone. Here are some of the things you can expect at our market.

Customer Expectations:

  • Mandatory Market Masks: All guests, staff, volunteers, and vendors, are required to wear a mask when they are at the market as well as during setup and takedown. Our door volunteers ensure that everyone has a mask, and have a few disposable masks available by donation in case anyone forgets to bring their own.

    • Several of our vendors sell masks and accessories! Shop safe, shop local.

  • Sanitization Stations: We offer free hand sanitizer when you arrive and throughout the market. Help yourself!

  • Hands to yourself: Please try to avoid handling vendor products when possible. Our vendors have come up with some very creative ways for you to check out their products without touching them, so follow their directions!

  • Stay home if you’re sick: Please don’t put others at risk. Feel free to shop online instead!


Vendor Expectations: 

  • Screening: Have you noticed a lot of wristbands lately? Anyone who works or volunteers at the market is required to go through REP screening when they arrive for setup. The wristband lets everyone know that they’ve passed our screening process. 

  • Contactless options: You can tap to pay your entry fee, and many of our vendors have adopted contactless payment options as well.


Behind the scenes:

  • Increased cleaning: We’ve taken our cleaning regime up a notch! If you can Lysol it, we’ve Lysol-ed it. If you can launder it, we’ve laundered it. Before, during, and after the market.

  • Keeping up to date: We check Alberta Health for the latest news as often as we handwash! We thank you for your patience with any last minute changes we have to make.

Please visit the Alberta Government's website for the most current information. 

Be Kind, Stay Safe, Keep Informed!