Firstly, Thank YOU for being brave and leaving your house to support the handmade movement!


If you are applying to the COVID-19 Editions (all markets until further notice)


You agree to comply to the Lethbridge Handmade Market COVID-19 policies and procedures 

 (will be updated closer to the date of the market)

You have agreed to thoroughly read the sector guidance provided by the Alberta Government for vendor and stall holders:

https://www.alberta.ca/assets/documents/covid-19-relaunch-guidance-farmers-markets-and-public-markets.pdf ​​(last updated June 18, 2020)

  • A market stall is considered its own place of business, comparable to retail outlets in a shopping centre.

  • Any business operating during the COVID-19 pandemic is legally obligated to put measures in place that prevent the spread of infection amongst staff, volunteers and customers. 

  • Follow all mandatory measures set out in the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s orders. Consider additional steps, including:                      

    • Performing frequent hand hygiene,

    • Creating barriers (e.g. glass or plastic partitions) between patrons and workers,

    • Eliminating food sampling,

    • Preventing customers from gathering,

    • Asking customers to refrain from handling products and to point out the items they
      want bagged by staff,                           

    • Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks (see the PPE section in Workplace Guidance for Business Owners) as required.

    • Follow cleaning and disinfecting practices described in the workplace guidelines, including regular sanitation of any stall surfaces and equipment touched by workers and patrons. 

    • Take precautions at the point of sale to reduce transmission.

    • Physically distance workers from patrons or install physical barriers.  

    • Sanitize electronic keypads after each use.

    • Minimize the handling of money.

    • Ensure gloves are available for workers handling cash. 

    • Update business return policies to prevent the risk of transmission of COVID-19. This may include eliminating returns of  purchased goods (i.e. final sale only) or storing and cleaning items before they are put out for resale.  

  In accordance with the Alberta Government Biz Connect website:


  https://www.alberta.ca/assets/documents/covid-19-relaunch-guidance-farmers-markets-and-public-markets.pdf (Last updated June 18, 2020)

we have put together a list of rules and regulations for vendors.​​

  • As per Alberta Law , a market stall is considered a place of business, being a vendor, you are obligated to take measures to prevent the possible spread of infections

  • The following are mandatory LHM measures:

    • Each vendor booth is required to provide hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol and labelled with ingredients) at their booth

    • Sanitize your hands frequently and before and after handling product to customer

    • Enforce that customers sanitize hands before touching anything

    • ALL vendors must wear masks ( can be handmade or even a bandana)

    • No food sampling

    • Try to have only ONE vendor at your booth (if necessary, absolutely no more than TWO)

    • No draws or giveaways are allowed at your booth


  • We highly recommend these extra precautions​:

    • Frequent hand sanitization​

    • Barriers between patrons and vendor

    • Prevent the gathering of customers in your stall

    • Refrain from allowing customers to touch any items until after item is bagged post- purchase

    • Providing your own gloves for handling cash

    • Have disinfectant wipes available at your booth

      • Sanitize any surfaces and equipment (Ex. SQUARE payment terminal) touched by workers and customers


  • Extra measures we are taking at LHM:

    • LHM will have disposable gloves available at the front desk for your convenience

    • Only one booth choice (10 x 10 with special discounted COVID-19 price)  ​
      due to map restrictions from the Alberta government

    • Updated map layout to reflect AHS guidelines

      • One direction walking​ (clear directional arrows)

      • 3 ft space between each vendor

      • Seperate entrance and exit doors

    • Absolutely no refunds for any cancellations at any time.
      *COVID- 19 ONLY*

    • *I understand that once I have applied for a Lethbridge Handmade Market event, if I choose to cancel, I will be charged a $40 administration fee even if I have not yet paid for my space.

    • *DUE TO LIMITED BOOKING TIME FOR COVID-19 MARKETS, If I cancel at ANY TIME, I will be charged a $40 administration fee.*


By proceeding to the application form, I acknowledge and accept the above terms and conditions 

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9 am - 4 pm

*9:00  - 9:30 
 priority access being offered to seniors, people with disabilities

October 17 & December 12 2020



$5 inc. GST

Free parking
Kids 14/ under free

Exhibition Park
3401 Parkside Drive South
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