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Frequently Asked Vendor Questions


How much is admission?

Admission is $5 to the public (14 and under free). Each vendor will receive one vendor badge per table or booth. If you have additional helpers at your booth, please inform the LHM staff at check-in, or ask staff for a stamp on the day of the market!


Can I leave the event early?

You are not permitted to leave before the end of the event. The event ends at 4:00 PM, and we expect all vendors to be open the entire time of the event. If there is a pressing concern, or emergency, please inform Jessy at the event before packing up.


Where is the venue located?

Exhibition Park – Main Pavilion

3401 Parkside Drive South, Lethbridge, AB T1J 4R3

Is there vendor parking?
Vendors must park in the "vendor only parking area" marked in the west side of the building. It is very important that vendors park in the vendor only parking on the day of the event to leave room for more customers to park. (Especially during Farmers' Market season).

Should I bring anything else for my table?

Yes! We encourage all artists to bring anything you want to decorate your space, shelves, anything! Table coverings are MANDATORY! Business signage must be free standing (No tacks, nails or tape may be used), no higher than 12 ft. and must remain within your booth space.

Can I hang my sign on the wall?

There are strict rules at the Exhibition and absolutely no pins or tape are allowed to be used on the walls. Please ensure the space looks just as nice as before you used it!


What time does Lethbridge Handmade Market end?

Lethbridge Handmade Market runs until 4:00 PM.

What form of payment is there at the Lethbridge Handmade Market?

You are welcome to use any type of POS system (etc. Square Payments) if you have them available to you. Please ensure that you bring your own float! There is an ATM in the building for customers and vendors to use. There is FREE WIFI in the building for both vendors and customers.

I'm a *NEW* vendor, and I don't know which type of POS (Point of Sale) payment system should I use for my customers?

There are several different payment options available! It is up to the vendor to choose a payment system that is right for them. We suggest if you are just starting up to support a Canadian business and invest in a Square reader for only $59.99! The starter Square reader is a contactless form of payment that lets you accept any type of payment method, including debit tap and chip & PIN. Connect wirelessly, accept payments quickly and get your funds fast.

Check out their website :


What if I need to cancel my table?

  1. All cancellations must be received by Lethbridge Handmade Market in writing (e-mail ONLY to or they will not be recognized.

  2. All cancellations are NON-REFUNDABLE. (Once you are accepted into the market, We cannot return any fees after this time as we are otherwise making plans for you to attend and need to plan accordingly.)

How do we know what table is yours?

During check-in, we will have a floor plan set up, and your company name will be listed. When checking in, an LHM staff member will give you a booth or table number and direct you on the map.
Please do not email asking us for a floor plan ahead of time.
The floor plan setup is not released until the Friday at move-in the day before the market.


Not ALL my products are handmade, but most of them are, is this allowed?

We want to encourage mostly handmade items, we require your products to be at least 85% handmade. Please list all items you will be selling (both handmade and not). The Lethbridge Handmade Market reserves the right to ask you to remove any items from the show that do not follow our guidelines.

I make food products. Are there additional rules I need to follow?

Yes, different rules apply to food vendors! Please contact Alberta Health Services to find out what the requirements are for the type of food you make. You will be required to upload a copy of your permit (or letter of exemption or inspection report) to at time of submitting application. Applications without the required documentation will be discarded without further consideration.

Food vendors are required to possess a valid Food Handling Permit/Letter of Exemption or equivalent documentation from their provincial health authority in order to apply to vend at LHM.

Food safe certificates do not qualify as acceptable documentation.

Additional forms will be required of you if you intend to offer samples at the show.

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